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Online Cycles Inc. dba is lead by Managing Partner, Sunny Chao. Sunny will be you primary contact in your relationship with BBW. Her name is sunnychao, located in Murray, Utah, USA. The business office new address and contact phone is listed at contact page. We are an authorized USA dealer and wholesale distributor for Spinergy bicycle wheels and parts, operating in Western Europe, and Asia. BBW maintains the same Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy as the manufacturer, Spinergy. Sunny Chao's business was established back in July of 1997. It started out as "Liahona’s" own brand name bike business, since July of 1997. Its special design provides heavy duty bicycle for LDS Church missionaries. You also can see their web site "". Starting in 2004, "Liahona bike" became Spinergy's dealer, because of Spinergy's unique wheel design. Since Spinergy's wheels became more and more popular, Sunny decided to set up Online Cycle Incorporated, in June of 2008 to focus on International markets. At the Beginning of 2010, Spinergy Inc. promised Sunny that her company has authority to develop both Western Europe and Asia markets, because of her excellent service and sales record.If you have any questions, please email to or Phone numbers: 1-801-455-2243 or 1-801-917-5557

About Spinergy company's warranty and their products please visit